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Why are we here?

Simple. We love bikes!

Ever since we were kids when the only way to get anywhere was on our bikes, and school holidays meant long days of adventure to places we never would have got to on foot. Ramps and obstacles built in the nearest woods. Race routes plotted around the alleyways of the local housing estate. Cycling along the river bank, one hand on the bars, the other trying to hold both fishing rod and tackle box (because a rack on your bike was just too nerdy). Whatever it was we got up to, we did so on our bikes.

We believe in the culture of cycling, in whatever form that may take, wherever in the world. From the life-changing benefits to Healthcare, Education and Economic Development in developing countries provided by World Bicycle Relief, to the well documented physical health benefits of cycling either for leisure or as a method of transport (Cycling to work is linked with a 45% lower risk of developing cancer, and a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), compared to commuting by car or public transport).

You don't need to look far to find articles extolling contribution of cycling to improvements in mental health and wellbeing, as well as reductions in stress, anxiety and risk of depression. There is so much anecdotal and scientific evidence out there, you could spend weeks reading through it all. But why would you? Just get your arse out the door and get pedaling. You know the rest.

Basically bikes are cool! And cycling is cool. Whether you're a kid that's just experienced the freedom of your first once-around-the-block since having the stabilisers removed, or a 'senior member of society' adamantly refusing to give up on that same freedom, you are cool because you ride. That's a fact.*

So we work on bikes. Building, repairing, servicing, upgrading or completely repurposing them. We provide Cytech trained workshop services, both fixed and mobile (either at your place or we'll collect & deliver back), and we work on the recycling/upcycling of 'previously loved' bikes and ‘bike shaped objects’ into good-as-new custom builds. We'll also advise and manage the bespoke build of new bikes in collaboration with you.

Why Deviant?

Because we love the unconventional. The alternative. The disruptive. If it's non-standard or looking for a change of personality, it's our kind of bike. We always have a project or two underway, so keep an eye on our blog page or sign up for our newsletter. When there's something funky you may be interested in, we'll let you know.

*Also known as the strongly asserted opinion of the highly opinionated author.