Bikes are hard wearing machines that are designed to last for years, so with sensible use and regular maintenance used bikes will often be of extremely good quality. Some people just decide they want to upgrade their current bike to a newer model, or change discipline so that their existing bike becomes surplus to requirements. There are many genuine reasons why bikes are placed onto the second hand market and from a buyer's and a seller's point of view the used market is a great one to explore.

We only sell bikes that belong or have belonged to existing customers. We know their history and we make sure they're well serviced. We have one simple rule; if we wouldn't buy it for ourselves, we won't take it on and sell it to anyone else.

Ignore the SOLD OUT tag. If it's on here we still have it for sale. We have to set it as sold out on the website to ensure people come to the workshop and don't try to buy it as mail order.